How To Grow Walla Walla Onions From Seed

If you don’t have the time, patience or desire to grow a full crop of Walla Walla onions from seed, you can still grow them. The seeds you purchase for this project are called Walla Walla Red, Gold, White, Yellow, Golden Sweet, Pink, Sweet Brown, and Bulbs, with each variety having a different flavor and color.

When you buy your seeds, always purchase the minimum amount necessary so that you have a sufficient number to grow.

You should grow at least 25 seeds per packet, since that is usually the minimum number needed to get at least one seedling. Some seed packages have 100 or more seeds.

First, soak the seeds overnight. This will help the seeds germinate and grow roots faster. Rinse and drain them thoroughly. Use a strainer if you have one. Put them in a container. The container should be about as wide as the seeds, and about 3/4 of the way up the container. Put them in a warm, sunny location. Seeds germinate within a few days.

It is not necessary to water your seeds after they germinate. It is also not necessary to keep the container humid, as long as the soil is not dry. It’s usually best to keep it about 70 degrees F. You can test your soil to make sure it is not too dry.

The onions will grow for about two months. At the end of that time, you can transplant the seedlings. If you have a small container, you can plant your seedlings right in the pot. If you have a larger container, you can plant them in a garden tray. When transplanting, do not push the roots too firmly into the soil. Be careful not to break the bottom of the seedling.

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